“Cash Me Ousside” Danielle Shows Us Just How Bad Pedophilia Is

By now, everyone who uses the internet on a regular basis has probably heard of the “Cash Me Ousside” girl Danielle Bregoli. Lord knows I don’t want to give the girl anymore fame but several people have emailed me about the comments the girl gets on her social media. I decided to check it out and was completely disgusted by comments I saw from grown men.

Danielle appeared on Dr. Phil September 09, 2016 with her mother Barbra Ann in an episode titled “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime”. Danielle is a 13 yr. old girl who claims to be from a bad neighborhood that made her have to be tough. If you have ever been around anyone who grew up spending time on “the streets”, you know they all have a “ghetto” accent and their very own slang words. My very own step sister spent 90% of her childhood and teen years hanging out in the streets with our local gang. My step Dad tried his best to stop it but there wasn’t much he could do when her mother had joint custody. I remember watching my sister go from a typical sometimes sweet older sister to a completely different girl. I couldn’t understand what she said half the time and she became downright mean. She experimented with drugs at a very early age and was sexually active as a young teenager. My reason for saying this is because I can see right through Danielle. I understand why she talks the way she does and acts the way she does. By no means am I condoning her behavior. The entire act is nothing I haven’t seen before.

There is literally thousands of teens around the U.S. who talk, dress, and act just like her. Some of them do not even have to come from low-income neighborhoods. So why did Danielle get so famous for acting out on television like we have watched so many others do before her? Was it just because of the now famous phrase “Cash me ousside. How bout dat?”? I highly doubt it. I will probably get yelled out for using the word “thug” but anyone who went to school with some thugs or just hung around them knows inviting someone to go outside to fight is nothing new. Spend one night with a group of rednecks and you will hear a lot of “let’s take this outside then”.

I spent a little over an hour asking men of all ages online exactly why they follow Danielle’s social media. I also asked a little over a dozen girls why they chose to be a fan of Danielle. Every single guy I asked answered in some form that she was hot. Two of the girls said she was pretty and cool. The rest of the girls just wanted to see where Danielle would go after Dr. Phil.

On the Dr. Phil show Danielle’s mother Barbra Ann was asked would she rather have her daughter spend some time in jail for her crimes or go to the Turn-About Ranch. Barbra Ann chose for Danielle to spend a few months at the Turn-About Ranch. Danielle ended up having to spend more time at the ranch then planned due to her behavior. It’s my personal opinion that Dr. Phil should have not allowed her to come back on the show when it was brought to his knowledge that Danielle had not changed. The last thing that the child needed was more fame and she used the second episode just for that. You can tell how hard she is trying to act cool and put on a show.

As expected, the internet went crazy with her saying she helped make Dr. Phil famous. As a PR, It would not surprise me one bit if her management team told her to say that. Yes, after her first episode on Dr. Phil, Danielle was signed with an agency. It wasn’t long before she was getting gigs and popping up in music videos. TMZ is treating her like a big star featuring her in various stories. Her fan base grew more massive when the story broke about her defending her Mom on Spirit Airlines and punching a woman who mocked her. Her now verified Instagram account has over 5.3 million followers and adult men are not even afraid to post sexual comments.

Just to prove my point, you can see some of the less gruesome comments posted by men in these screenshots. Some of them were so bad I refuse to show them. The entire situation is so messed up! Let’s be honest here. Since Danielle is 13, she would have never got this far without her mother’s consent. Apparently, Barbra Ann wrote Dr. Phil because she couldn’t stand her daughters behavior any longer and was worried what would become of Danielle if things did not change. We all saw on the first episode that her mother was not the best role model. Dr. Phil pointed that out with the audience agreeing. Thousands of people on the internet have gone as far as to say Danielle needs to be removed from her home. Yet, none of the backlash has persuaded Barbra Ann to make some big changes in Danielle’s life. Instead, she got her daughter signed with an agency, helped her sale merchandise, and allowed her daughter to be a part of things no 13 yr old should have any business doing.

You may have heard Dr. Phil mention PizzaSlime in the above clip from his show. Dr. Phil says, “You spent all day yesterday doing a shoot with the PizzaSlime blog.” Even though I am not a big fan of Dr. Phil, I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he does not know what PizzaSlime is. If he did, he surely would not have condoned Danielle doing this for fun. There is no way the disgusting people at PizzaSlime could do anything to further help Danielle.

For anyone who believes in Pizzagate the @PizzaSlime Instagram account all but confirms the conspiracy theory. Definitely not something a 13 yr old child should have anything to do with. If that’s not bad enough, Danielle was invited to do an interview on Power 106 radio show. The entire interview is sad as you can easily see how immature she is but trying so hard to be tough. Danielle is a smart girl but she is just a young girl. The hosts of the show just egg on her bad behavior and even ask questions leading her on. She repeats her catch phrase several times because she has been coached to do so. She spends a lot of time talking about punching people even at times when it’s not needed. They end the show with her saying she would like to have her on TV show or act. I would not be surprised at all if she is given a reality show on some sort.

Barbra Ann, from one parent to another, PLEASE do not let Danielle follow this path. Danielle is a young naive beautiful girl. Hollywood is swarming with pedophiles looking for young children starving for fame. Danielle is an easy target because of what you have allowed to go on so far. It seems you are okay with your daughter showing skin and posing in sexual positions on her social media. It seems you do not mind all the adult perverts’ comments. If you did, you would make her take down everything that is inappropriate. If she was my daughter, she would not even be on social media after all that happened. Hollywood sees all of this. Is money and fame more important than what they will do to your daughter? I urge you to research Elijah Wood, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, and several other celebrities who talk about the swarm of pedophiles surrounding them when they were children.

Here’s an idea. Danielle stated on Dr. Phil and on the radio show that she had dreams of becoming a nurse. How about starting a positive campaign to help make that dream come true? In the meantime, instead of allowing your daughter to continue down the path she is on, have her volunteer at hospitals and old folks homes. How about that?

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