Pizzagate aka Pedogate Updates! Something has to be done!

Hi guys! A couple of weeks ago I watched a series of videos on YouTube someone posted from a website called I wish I would have skipped through the videos and just listened to what the reporter had to say about them. There is one video in particular called “Fatherhood” that literally made me vomit. WorldCorp Enterprises calls their company a “multidimensional Omni corporation” and has been posting sickening videos on YouTube for over a year. Just recently, thanks to Pizzagate investigators, their YouTube channel has been removed in January.

Before I go any further, if you haven’t read my past blog on Pizzagate, you need to read it before this blog so you know what Pizzagate is all about.

WorldCorp’s website is still up and states that more videos will be coming soon. The YouTube channel Reignbot did a video about the corporation and shows clips of the videos. Feel free to watch if you can stomach it.

The reason I am bringing this to your attention is because people are now convinced that the male voice in the “Fatherhood” video is John Podesta. Several audio experts agree that the male abuser’s voice in the video matches Podesta’s voice perfectly. If you do not want to watch this video but would like to hear a voice comparison you can listen in this next video.

The website has a chat link on the front page that takes you to Discord. Some 4Chan investigators have actually spoken to the corporations self-proclaimed CEO asking them questions about the videos. This is what the “CEO” told them:

-the children in the videos (fatherhood and each day I grow some more) are in fact children, and the audio is genuine
-in order to “join” the organization, a personalized set of tests would be sent to applicants, consisting of odd prerequisites and often disturbing activities. After all applicants failed, the CEO says they are “no longer looking for employment”
-they are based out of the “urban American northeast”, but membership is worldwide and consists of all different types of people imaginable.

This information was posted publicly in late December 2016 and was pretty much discarded by truth seekers. Yes, the videos are VERY disturbing but truth seekers felt like the videos, art, and music on the website was put together by some messed up teens just to see what type of response they would get. However, now online investigators are close to certain that John Podesta is the child abuser in the “Fatherhood” video. This changes everything and people are demanding answers. In my opinion, rather it is John Podesta or not, a real FBI investigation needs to be done. Even if the videos are completely fake and it’s all acting, it is still sickening. This has to be doing some major damage on the children’s minds who are in the videos. It’s abuse either way.

I am waiting and hoping that someone will be able to verify if the voice is indeed John Podesta and that it will be enough to take him down if it is.

Anyone who has been following Pizzagate has heard about Comet Ping Pong the creepy pizza shop with ties to Hilary Clinton, Obama, and the Podestas. Truth seekers were working hard to find out if there was a basement under the pizza shop. The reason is because Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis mentions a basement in an interview and says he stores his tomatoes there. Later, in an interview with BBC news he claims he doesn’t have a basement. The New York Times did a story “debunking” Pizzagate and sticking up for Alefantis. You can read that here: Of course they leave out a ton of crucial evidence and play everything off like it’s just silly. An article that was posted by in August 2013, way before the Pizzagate rumors started, James says he stores his tomatoes in the basement of his other restaurant Buck’s Fishing & Camping. James Alefantis also allegedly owns Pegasus Museum which isn’t far up the road from his other businesses. This “museum” also has a basement. I highly suggest you watch this video by David Seaman:

If you read my past blog on Pizzagate you will see why finding the basement is so important. Apparently this is where the child abuse takes place. There is a lot of secrecy around Pegasus and you will notice mainstream media leaves this building out of their articles when defending James Alefantis.

Out of all the new information that has been brought to light, these two stories have my attention the most. What can we do? Something has to be done. A REAL investigation needs to take place. I think it is time we all get together and cause a stink so we can be heard. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please email me your ideas. More information coming soon. I am also looking for any new information on the missing news anchor Ben Swann. Please contact me if you know anything.

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