Linkin Park Chester Bennington Pizzagate Connection?

Yesterday, July 20th, we learned that lead singer of Linkin Park Chester Bennington died of alleged suicide. I was well aware that Chester was good friends with Chris Cornell who died of alleged suicide on May 18, 2017 just two months before his July 20th birthday. Bennington and Cornell were so … [continue]

“Cash Me Ousside” Danielle Shows Us Just How Bad Pedophilia Is

By now, everyone who uses the internet on a regular basis has probably heard of the “Cash Me Ousside” girl Danielle Bregoli. Lord knows I don’t want to give the girl anymore fame but several people have emailed me about the comments the girl gets on her social media. I decided to check it out […]


Pizzagate aka Pedogate Updates! Something has to be done!

Hi guys! A couple of weeks ago I watched a series of videos on YouTube someone posted from a website called I wish I would have skipped through the videos and just listened to what the reporter had to say about them. There is one video in particular called “Fatherhood” that literally made me […]


What is the Illuminati and do they still exist?

FACTS The Illuminati was originally called “Bavarian Illuminati”, Bavarian being a region in Germany. The society was established on May 1st 1776 by Johann Adam Weishaupt. He was a philosopher and a follower of the teachings of John Locke and the school of Empiricism. His father died when he was 5 years old. Weishaupt was […]


Satanism in the entertainment industry. What is going on?!

Before I start posting everything I have found through research, please note, I am not saying everyone who works in the entertainment industry is a Satanist. I believe there are several good people in the industry who get caught up in conspiracies because they are just ignorant to what is taking place around them. Countless […]


#Pizzagate What are the facts and what’s speculation.

WARNING: This topic will be very disturbing to anyone who reads it. It is not for the faint of heart or those who get nauseated very easily. However, assuming this is truly taking place around the world it must be brought to the public’s attention. What is Pizzagate? Pizzagate is known as an internet rumor […]